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New single 29/10

It's a wrap, the next single has been recorded! And it will be released on the 29th of october.

I made use of the past months to take a little break and reflect on my experiences in the past year and how I want to move forward with what I've learned. Since I've recorded my EP, I've learned a lot about songwriting, production and the practical side of being a singer-songwriter in 2020. I wrote a lot of songs, listened to talented peers and evaluated my release process.

And now here we are. I left Sputnik Studio with a good feeling yesterday and I can't wait to share the result. As always producer Joes Brands played a big role and truly transformed my idea into a kick-ass song.

Behold, because there's a lot to come in the next few months.

Firstly, we'll meet each other in 10 days, so stay tuned!

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