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Mr. Perfect Release

It was about time! My new single Mr. Perfect is now available on all platforms (spotify, youtube, apple music, ...). I hope it was worth waiting for!

Precisely 1 year ago I released my first single "Sit Down and Rewind". And since then a lot has happened. The amount of publicity and opportunities I was given definitely exceeded my expectations. That was up until a pandemic came along and changed everything.

After 6 months of not releasing music, I'm testing the water again with Mr. Perfect. It's an upbeat pop-song that I wrote this summer, making use of the time that was given to me. Though the lyrics are rather cynical, the message I'd like to pass on is more one of overcoming challenges that are faced when going the extra mile.

Two important people that are due credits: Joes Brands for the top notch production and Cato Duys for designing ditto artwork.

Stay healthy out there, and enjoy the song!

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